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   December 10 was a very special Sunday at Marion Oaks. Our choral group will be singing a beautiful Christmas cantata    entitled “Silent Night, A Musical for Christmas,” created and arranged by Craig Adams. Though most of the songs will be familiar to you, he has brought new life to them in a very thoughtful and moving way. Please be sure to attend that week, we promise you will enriched and blessed.

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These are exciting times for sure! Prayers have been answered!

Last Sunday, Pastor Doug Kelchner was voted in unanimously to be the Pastor of our Little Church With the Big Heart!

We give him a hearty congratulations, but it really feels like we are the ones who should be congratulated, as we are getting the right person that God had waiting for us!

We welcome Doug and his wife Vicki with open arms, and look forward to an amazing new chapter in the life of our church. As Pastor Doug has told us twice from the pulpit, "Come and see!"

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