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Giving from our little church for January for the Interfaith Food Bank here in Marion County:

119 jars baby food, 3 cereal, 12 squeeze pouches.

Giving for February, (with 1 week to go!) 42 packages of Ramen, 53 cans of soup and 8 boxes of cereal.


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Searching for a Pastor for our "Little Church with the Big Heart."

        Our church has suffered the loss of our wonderful Pastor, Rev. Dr. David Wild.  He was a steadfast voice to our congregation for many years and will be missed.  We find ourselves beginning the search for a new Pastor.  This position is "part time," or sometimes referred to as a "service" Pastor.  Our congregation is very small, and really has the feel of an extended family to us all.

     If you, or a person you know, might be interested in considering this position, please let us know. Email:


Marion Oaks Community Congregational Church

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